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01. März 2022

Europäischer Gewerkschaftsverband EPhEU: Solidarität mit dem ukrainischen Volk

In einem Statement hat der Verband angestellter Apotheker in Europa (Employed community Pharmacists in Europe; EPhEU) den Angriff auf die Ukraine verurteilt. ADEXA ist Gründungsmitglied von EPhEU:

Pharmacy organisations across Europe unite to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine

What we have seen happening in Ukraine is astonishing and agonising, we have entered an extremely dangerous period in world history.

We condemn this violation of the integrity of Ukraine. War and occupation bring suffering for all people, for their families and their communities. We believe that in the 21st century the world’s population wants to live with lasting security, democracy, and respect for human rights. These are the only things that will provide long term peace and prosperity.

As the pharmacy unions from across the European continent we extend our support and solidarity to the freedom loving people of Ukraine and to all the pharmacy and other healthcare staff who will now be required to face many unique challenges.

We applaud the governments of countries who have supported the calls of the UN to open their borders as the humanitarian consequences start to increase and we urge all the governments of the world to do the same.

We stand ready to provide support in whatever appropriate ways we can.

Sie finden das Dokument auch hier als PDF

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